Training and Exercise programs for elite and aspiring athletes.

Training and exercise programs for elite and aspiring athletes.

rugby fitness strength & conditioning programs

  • Small group training 1 : 4

  • Strength and Conditioning focusing on increasing strength and muscle mass.

  • Individual programming 

  • workshops on nutrition, self management, mobility, major lifts, Olympic lifting.

injury management and prevention

The correct injury management and prevention can help minimise the risk and impact of sports injuries, and maximise your chance of a full recovery.

Harley has many years of experience in treating injured athletes through the recovery process. There is always a way to exercise safely when injured and finding a solution to maintain conditioning through the recovery process is crucial. Working closely with local referral networks HM Exercise Physiology adopts a multi-disciplinary team care approach with other allied health professionals in the area.

Strength & conditioning


The Strength and Conditioning service at HMEP is tailored to the individual needs of the athlete with local, state, national and international experience in sports such as: Rugby, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball, power lifting, swimming and athletics.

With specific focus on:

  • speed and agility

  • endurance and strength

  • mobility, stability and flexibility

  • injury prevention and management for the purposes of enhanced athletic performance

  • general performance coaching.


Our youth athlete program has clientele ranging from 9 years and over.